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Ruth Armishaw is a freelance musician based in Wellington, New Zealand.

A chameleon of the Wellington music scene, you could easily see Ruth singing and playing jazz in a restaurant on Thursday, singing Brazilian Samba in a bar on Friday, in costume on stage at the Opera House on Saturday, and singing as a soloist for a choral oratorio concert Sunday afternoon. She is also found in the teaching studios of the region’s best schools, sharing her knowledge and love of singing.

“Lockdown thrust us all into the online world which has opened up opportunities to teach people from all over the world. But in New Zealand we are so lucky to be living life as normal and I’m excited to be back in the teaching studio and on the concert platform”.

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November inadvertently became ‘Covember’, a very busy end to the year. Read the blog post here.

Covember / koʊ-vɛm-bər/ n:
Specific to the island nation of New Zealand, the month to which all performances were postponed, due to COVID-19 alert level restrictions.
‘My Vivaldi Gloria concert was postponed twice, so now it’s in Covember’
‘I have two performances this weekend. Hashtag covember’
‘Thank goodness Covember is over. Now I can have a holiday’

A fun product of Lockdown: