Ruth’s teaching experience spans 17 years, all ages and class sizes, from individuals to large groups, including choirs and musical theatre classes.


Specialising in young voices, she is currently tutor of ‘Youth Vocal Arts’ at Rata Studios School of Music, vocal tutor at Musical Stars, a musical theatre school for children, and teaching voice at Onlsow College.

Ruth was Musical Co-Director for the Wellington region’s ArtSplash children’s festival for 4 years and has tutored many school choirs. She enjoyed leading the choirs and teaching music theory at Wellington Music Centre for 12 years. While teaching piano and singing for 5 years at Chilton Saint James’ School, Ruth taught students individually across all year-levels including primary-school children, believing that if a young child has the passion for singing and the focus to work one-on-one, a teacher can harness that without pushing the voice to develop too early. As an itinerant vocal tutor at several high schools, Ruth has helped advance many teenage voices, including preparing students for NCEA performance assessments.

Ruth is working towards accreditation in the Estill Voice Training Programme and has completed the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses. This a method which focuses on safely exploring a full range of vocal expression, tone and style, through learning to finely control the various structural components of the voice. While giving Ruth a deeper knowledge and versatility of her own instrument, this has in turn helped her understand her students’ voices and ways of building and fostering them.